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Things to Do After South Island Masters Games

Masters Games

In a recent agreement between the South Island Masters Games and Marlborough District Council, the entire Marlborough region will be hosting the 2021 and 2023 South Island Masters Games. The 20th year for the event hosted in New Zealand will welcome over 2500 participants in some of the best games happening across the region. While you enjoy your time witnessing the games, why not make the best of your holidays with these things you can do in Marlborough when you are not attending the games.


Marlborough Sounds

Marlborough Sounds consists of a mountainous coastal region that offers plenty of sites to explore. You can take a boat and cruise through the waters with dolphins. You can also take a bike through the Queen Charlotte Track, go swimming with stingrays, and explore the history of Ship Cove.

Winery Crawl

Masters Games

Marlborough region consists of the largest winery in New Zealand. You can find cellars in every corner of the region to try out different wines. You can rent a bike or book a mini-bus tour to the best cellars in Marlborough. Renwick is your best place to check for wineries as it has 17 winery cellar within a 5 km radius.

Mountain Biking

Marlborough is a great place to travel around on bikes. You will really not feel the need to get a car around the place when you want to go through the bike trails and explore the wineries and wilderness. The Link Pathway is one of the popular trails you can do on a bike. It provides a spectacular view from Picton to Havelock.

Okiwi Bay

Explore the Okiwi Bay region as you travel through the Rai Valley. This bay can be seen from the top of the hill, and it looks peacefully amazing. You can get an amazing view from the Goat Hill Track or go down and rent a kayak to explore the waters of the bay. It will definitely provide an experience that you need after the South Island Masters Games.

Pelorus Bridge Scenic Reserve

If you are nearby the Pelorus River, you should definitely head to the reserve in the evening to witness the majestic rock faces. These stunning natural wonders are popular in The Hobbit movies. You can go kayaking in the river or talk a hike to the campground to explore the beautiful path to this beautiful place.

The French Pass

If you are fond of adventures and want to try something out of the ordinary, you can head to the French Pass Road. Start from Okiwi Bay and head towards the native forest. Soon you will find open views of the French Pass Peninsula. On the way, you can find the viewpoints that not many have seen and some of the quiet hidden beaches.

7 Mistakes to Avoid in Poker


No matter how far you have come in poker, there will still be more room to cover in terms of knowledge. There are so many elements in the game that one has to balance together in order to make the right decisions for themselves. Every mistake can cost you big, so it is better to avoid them beforehand. Here are ten mistakes every player should be careful to avoid.


Stop playing pre-flop

Pre-flop is an aggressive strategy that requires a player to bet before they can see the flop card. It is not the safest strategy to go with, especially when you are annoyed at losing hand after hand. Wait for the flop to open and make only safe bets during such times.

Stop overplaying medium-strength hands

Texas hold’em poker is on its way to get solved completely. You cannot expect to keep winning with medium-strength hands unless you are really lucky. If your opponents have the knowledge of their chances of winning, you should definitely avoid such strategies.


Stop acting quickly

Give your decisions some time. You can get a hint about your chances even at the last moments of placing your bet. Some players who play every day develop a habit of auto-playing a set of hands. Sometimes, such decisions can result in costly mistakes. Do not act immediately and take your time when it is your turn.

Stop playing at the first table

Do not expect that all the tables you are playing at are the same. You cannot expect to win on every first table you sit at. Take your time to find a table where all the opponents have lesser experience than you. A good table is the one where you are the most experienced player.

Stop getting emotional

Another common mistake that rookies commit is getting too attached to their cards. The pros can throw away pocket Aces without getting too emotional about it. Keep a clear head and leave the emotions away from the table as it can affect your decision-making.


Stop relying too much on stats

Statistics are good for the analysis of opponents and the tendencies in the game. However, it is not the only thing that will help you win. Players can change their strategies in every hand they play. Every game is decisive for itself in poker, so you should be ready to face anything despite the stats.

Stop being consistent

While sticking to a single strategy throughout the game is a good way to play safely, it is not always a good idea. There are always players who will be observing you throughout the game. For them, you will need to make changes whenever needed. Also, when you are trying to be consistent, you will find it hard to bluff. Keep your options open in all cases.

How to Pick the Right Poker Site in New Zealand

Right Poker

New Zealand allows all kinds of casino platforms and poker sites to host the games for the locals as well as the tourists. Any online poker platform that does not get operated on the territory of New Zealand is allowed to host the games under the regulations of the country’s gambling law. That is why there is no limit to the number of poker sites you can find in New Zealand to play real money games. However, this can easily turn into a daunting process when you have to pick the right poker site for yourself. Our experts have combined a list to help you find the right poker platform. Here is what you should be looking for.

Right Poker

Safety and security

Your first priority while picking a platform that requires depositing your money is to check for its safety and security. The threat of hackers and malware always exists. You should be extra careful while checking the encryption software used by the platform to secure your account. Today the SSL-encryption is the highest level of security a platform can provide.


The gambling community is spread out worldwide, and one thing that every gambler will help you find out is how a casino treats its customers. If the casino is not good, the entire gambling community will right away move to a different platform as it is about their money. The platforms that have a good reputation among worldwide gamblers is the one you can rely on.

Right Poker


Bonuses and promotion is another factor that you must look for in any online casino or poker site. It is hard to deny that the competition between online casinos is bigger than brick-and-mortar casinos. That is why the players should not hesitate to ask for all the bonuses, promotions, and membership rewards they can expect on a platform.

Quality of software

There are hundreds of casino game developers in the market. Your primary goal should be to determine which developer is offering the best games. It includes that the games should run on all kinds of operating systems. If the games are compatible, the users will have better access to the games. If they are not smooth and have problems on different devices, it can stress you out easily when your money is on the line.

Right Poker


Another factor that will make your poker experience worthwhile is the amount of traffic a platform receives. If you have to wait for players to join every time you want to play, it is a waste of your time. High traffic is also a sign that the platform is liked by many. While having high traffic on the platform, you should be able to find a seat easily at all times.

Why You Should and Should Not Simplify Poker Strategies

Poker Strategies

A player can spend years learning about the existing poker strategies and creating their own. There is a lot of knowledge available for players that may become daunting at some point. Due to this reason, many poker players settle with the basic strategy and never learn more about poker. There are ways to simplify poker strategies that will help you to execute them without taking much pressure. Using a simplified strategy will help you in several ways. On the other hand, some experts also suggest that simplifying poker strategies can be a problem.

Simplifying a poker strategy means reducing the number of options to a few and stick to them throughout the game. Here is why you should and should not simplify poker strategies.


Play more volume

Simplifying poker strategies will help you reduce your decision-making time. As you will be making quick moves using the simplified strategy, you will not pressure yourself into overthinking. It will help you play more tables in a given time without getting confused between different strategies.

Play on later streets

Poker Strategies

Keeping your mental strength throughout the game can get stressful. When you have a simplified strategy, you do not put much stress on your brain and make quick moves. It will help you preserve your mental energy for more important hands. If you stress on flops every time, your chances of making mistakes later also increase.

Track the ranges

Having a simplified strategy also means you can keep track of the combinations of hands you can expect later on. You can track combinations of hands that are possible. Instead of betting on every hand, you can be decisive while picking the same hands for 66% of the pot.


Easy to exploit

Sticking to the same strategy over a long time can be risky as the opponents can soon learn your basic strategy. You should always be prepared for your opponents to counter your basic strategy. Running away from GTO means giving up your strategy to others. If the opponents know that you are playing it safe, they can start being aggressive and pressure you into folding. That is the reason why players prefer to mix up strategies to not face such pressure. However, it is not easy for a person to tell that you are playing the same game unless they are very good at observing.

Betting more money

A simplified strategy requires you to spend more money than GTO. If you are playing against a professional player, a simplified strategy can throw away your money faster. GTO offers the highest expected value. Anything below that will potentially lose money for you.

Wrong simplification

A simplified strategy will require proper study and analysis in order to make it work. Sometimes, the players who lack information may simplify a strategy that may not offer the best outcomes. Such strategies will work, but they will also eliminate the chances that could be possible if it was well researched.

7 Sports Betting Sites in New Zealand

gambling regulations

Sports betting is a widely popular activity among locals in New Zealand due to the availability of legal online sports betting platforms. It allows people to enjoy betting on the sports they love while watching it alone or with their friends. New Zealand’s gambling regulations allow sportsbooks to operate as long as they are not operating from the country’s territory. Several international sportsbooks have thus made their appearance in the New Zealand gambling community. Here are the top sports betting platforms available in New Zealand that you can try.

Sports betting


BetWay has become a leading choice for beginners due to its popularity among professional bettors. The site covers almost all American and European sports. Every new registration receives a $10 free bonus every week. A deposit can offer up to $100 on a winning bet.


LeoVegas is also a popular platform for sports betting in New Zealand. LeoVegas offers a mobile application to its users so they can bet from anywhere while watching the game live. Although the platform does not offer streaming services, one can check the scores in the app to make quick decisions.


Guts is a brand new betting platform introduced specifically for the audience of New Zealand and Australia. It has an innovative platform experience that is making it popular among people. Even the first-timers will not face any difficulty in learning about their betting options.


RIZK is a professional sports betting platform that may not satisfy the rookie requirements. It is known for its classic UX design and flexible odds that highly attract the pros. The only drawback of the RIZK platform is the lack of payment options which may chase away some of the users.


888Sports is among the oldest betting platforms to exist in New Zealand. It covers a wide variety of games with plenty of odds designed by professional bookmakers. 888Sports also offers several promotions that keep the players satisfied during their betting career. Since it is an old platform, the design can seem a little odd for some of the players.


Bet365 is an internationally recognized betting platform that covers all major tournaments, including the FIFA World Cup event, offering the biggest rewards. The platform offers the latest technology and tools that offer a futuristic betting experience to users. The payments and withdrawals are also easy with over 40 different payment options.

MR Play

MR Play is another old platform that is still the choice for old-timers in New Zealand. It offers the simplicity of betting on any game while the bettors can bet live. It has recently introduced the Pulse feature that allows bettors to wager in the fastest way possible. It also comes with a responsible betting limit feature that helps bettors to limit their spending for every game.

8 Essential Habits for Becoming a Professional Poker Player

Professional Poker Player

Poker is one of the games in casinos that people enjoy playing with their friends and other players with equal excitement. However, poker professionals lead a completely different lifestyle than casual gamers. These are the ten habits that you can find in any professional poker player.

Learn the game

You cannot reach the top without taking your first step. Do not expect to understand the game when you are betting with real money. Make sure that you know poker rules in and out before you step into the money games to always make reasonable bets.

Professional Poker Player

Practice every day

It is important to hone your skills every day in order to become better at making new strategies. Understand that no single strategy can help you for a long career in poker. You will constantly face different opponents who tackle your strategy with theirs. Only practicing will make you adaptable to different situations.

Winning hands only

An expert tip says that you should never risk your money for hands that you know you will not win. Choose the only hands that offer the best odds of winning to you. It is okay to play aggressively, but you must also consider the possibility of your opponent winning.

Learn bluffing

Know that you will not always receive a winning hand. That is why you should learn bluffing to keep the pressure on your opponents even when you are not having any luck. Bluffing is an important tool to become a professional player.

Stay alert

You must always know what the dealer is signaling when it is your turn to bet and how much money is on the table.  Learn to look after yourself. Your mental and physical health is important to keep your gambling healthy. If you cannot focus on the game, you cannot expect it to last long.

Bankroll management

A must-have quality of a professional poker player is money management. If a player does not know how much they spend in a day, they are only progressing towards bankruptcy. You must have a limit for every day and know when to take a break from gambling to restore your bankroll in case of huge losses.

Picking the game

There are different types of poker. Over seven different poker games are popular around the world and have major tournaments. Understand which game suits you the best. It will require the discipline to stick to a single game until you see success. Staying consistent in a game is the key to being a professional gambler.

Learn to quit

As a professional poker player, your mindset should be aware of the fact that poker is not always a win-win. You cannot expect to win even after a long losing streak. You must keep your goals realistic and know when you should quit, and focus on the rest of your life.

How to Start Playing at a New Zealand Poker Site


Poker has a big audience in New Zealand. Due to the flexible gambling regulations of NZ authorities, there are several international online casinos that locals can sign up for and start playing immediately. Some of the casinos even offer the NZ dollar as one of the accepted currencies for gaming. There are several online casinos that one can choose from. Every poker site offers something unique while assuring the highest level of security and user satisfaction. If you can find a poker site that fits all your requirements, you can start playing poker by following these steps.

Poker Site

Finding the right poker site

Several features and qualities make a site unique in the myriad of online gambling sites. The major casino brands in the online casino industry are known to provide the highest security and major rewards. But what else is required in a poker site that makes it worth a user’s time and money? Find out what you want from a poker site and explore the options you have to see which site fits your preferences.

Creating an account

Once you have set your mind to rely on one of the sites, it is time to create an account. The most part of signing up on any platform is easy. Follow the instructions and provide the necessary details. Once your details get verified, you will be ready to play the games. There may be platforms that will ask you to download the application to access the games, while others will provide a website compatible with all devices. Once you have successfully created an account on the poker site, it is time to make a deposit.

Making a deposit

If you are playing at a real money poker site, you will need to make your first deposit. Every poker site will offer some kind of deposit bonus to its new players. Make sure that you get the maximum benefits of making your first deposit. Choose from one of the options listed on the payment page. Some platforms will also offer NZ Dollar as one of the payment options. Make sure that the deposit methods can also be used for withdrawal by checking out the withdrawal options.

Check the promotions page

Explore all the promotions that the platform has to offer. Poker sites offer several promotions that are meant to attract more players. If an online casino does not provide any rewards for being on the site, you have every reason to find a platform that offers a better user experience with bonuses and promotions. These promotions can come in different forms. They can be credits added to your accounts, free games, or even multipliers that offer bigger rewards every time you win. Some sites offer promos before you even make a deposit. Once you have explored everything on a poker site, you are ready to play. Good Luck!